About Us

Kibur Medical is a clinical-stage biomedical company that seeks to change the way we develop new therapies and select existing therapies for patients with cancer and other indications. Kibur has developed a microdevice platform to measure multiple drug responses directly within the body using multiplexed in situ microdosing – an approach that may provide relevant measurements of drug activity without systemic exposure or pharmacokinetic optimization, for up to 100 therapies in a single tumor or tissue segment.

The technology platform has been applied and validated by multiple groups in publications in the highest-impact journals; a first-in-man clinical feasibility study in breast cancer; multiple other clinical studies funded by grants and approved by FDA; a strong IP position with issued patents in various countries; existing collaborations with multiple pharma and biotech companies; and a world class group of scientific and clinical collaborators that contribute to the translational development of the platform. We have initiated a strategic partnership with a leading global contract research organization to make our platform widely available to industry partners engaged in research and development of new therapies with a primary focus on cancer and neurological disorders.

Our near term goal is to create a preclinical and clinical platform for pharma and biotech companies that enables routine testing of new drug candidates or combinations in the body before pharmacological optimization of a lead compound. To that end, the company is working on technical, clinical and regulatory advances that will standardize and scale up the technology. In the longer term, Kibur will pursue the development of a personalized diagnostic that aims to test multiple approved agents to identify the optimal therapy for each patient on a personalized basis.